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PisaLite® retaining walls are the perfect method of handling grade changes in your landscaping or gardening projects. They can even increase the amount of useable space your patio, terrace, or parking lot has.


PisaLite® walls are easy to install, require little maintenance, and last a lifetime. Even better, these walls are environmentally safe because they're manufactured from natural aggregates and don't contain any toxic chemicals.


Since these are a dry stacked wall system, no mortar or mechanical fasteners are needed to hold the units in place. PisaLite® wall system utilizes its own weight and shape to combat lateral earth pressure.


Their patented offset continuous tongue and groove allows for a solid interlock throughout the wall face, while providing a uniform connection with geogrid.


These walls can be used effectively for gravity wall structures up to a maximum of 4 feet. For greater wall heights and applications, PisaLite® together with a geogrid soil reinforcement is required.


Are you looking for a flexible retaining wall system? Trendset Concrete Products Inc distributes PisaLite® retaining wall products for architects, engineers, contractors, and homeowners. You'll find that these walls are flexible in design and contain a natural appearance. Call 425-486-2192 now for a FREE quote.

A variety of uses for retaining walls

PisaLite® retaining walls can be used to create a variety of landscape structures, including straight or curved walls, corners, steps, terraces, and planters. Structural walls can even be built by incorporating layers of geosynthetic reinforcement into your wall's construction.

All types of retaining wall styles are available

• PisaLite®

• Stack Stone

• Roman Stack Stone

• Pisa OneStone

• Manor Stone

Official instructions for retaining wall installations

Reinforced concrete footing isn't required for your retaining wall, but obtaining a level compacted crushed stone bed is necessary to ensure your system performs adequately. The first set of blocks should be placed on the crushed stone and leveled.


PisaLite® modular retaining wall is flexible enough to adjust to the natural contours of your landscape. Your new retaining wall will maintain its structural integrity, even if the earth moves around a bit from settling or extreme temperature variances.


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• Keystone

• Garden Wallscapes

• Allenblock

• Basalite