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The high-strength fiberglass housing and acrylic faceplate of the wall lights and speakers that we offer have been textured and color-matched to look almost indistinguishable from their nearby Pisa2 or StackStone units when installed.


They virtually disappear into your retaining wall's surface, allowing for an innovative and unobtrusive way to project light and sound into your yard.


Both RisiLights® and RisiSounds® are registered trademarks of Risi Stone Systems. Ask us more about the stone accessories that we offer and get your FREE estimate on any block purchase today when you call 425-486-2192.


Are you looking for something truly extraordinary to set you apart from the other houses on your block? You’ve come to the right place! At Trendset Concrete Products Inc, we offer a full range of RisiLight® and RisiSound® blocks that will change what your backyard can offer while completely disappearing into the other blocks in your retaining wall.

Select an expert RisiLight® dealer

Illuminate your walkway, step, or terrace today. Our RisiLight® products are made to match both the Pisa2 and StackStone retaining wall systems and can also be paired with the RomanPisa or RomanStack Ashlar systems.


You’ll only need to supply a bulb and appropriate underground cable, we ship our blocks complete with instructions and manufactured to the highest quality standards. They’ll arrive at your home ready-to-install using a conventional 110V power supply with 12V options available if you replace the provided light socket with an appropriate low-voltage socket.


You can also set up your lights to function with a timer or photoelectric control unit installed at the power source. This will allow any of the units in that circuit to be centrally controlled by your unit. You can also connect multiple units of RisiLights® in a parallel circuit with a second external wire continuing to the next light through the second opening in the rear of the unit.

Install a speaker or intercom system on your wall

Enjoy unobtrusive speaker and intercom systems that are always manufactured to the highest quality specifications. Choose RisiSounds® to add voice or music to your landscape. These are available to match the Pisa2 retaining wall system and may also be used with RomanPisa.


When you choose us for your RisiSounds® blocks, you can rest assures that they’ll always be shipped with detailed installation instructions so that you can handle installation without any outside assistance.


All you’ll need is the appropriate underground cable connected to an audio source. You can also connect multiple RisiSounds® blocks in a circuit with the second external wire continuing to the next unit through the second opening in the rear of the unit.


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