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Keystone Retaining Walls

Structural retaining walls are where Keystone began. Keystone’s retaining wall systems continue to be trusted by engineers, architects and contractors worldwide to provide the best site solutions for commercial, municipal, industrial, transportation/DOT and residential applications.

Featuring unrivaled aesthetic options, cost saving versatility and proven wall performance, the Keystone Compac is favored by architects, engineers and contractors worldwide. Using the proven Keystone pin connection system, Keystone Compac is the perfect solution for gravity walls up 4- feet in height and large-scale projects in excess of 60'h*.  *With the use of geosynthetic reinforcement and proper engineering.


Keystone Compac® - Straight Split

Crisp and distinctive, Keystone Compac's straight split face effectively showcases the color within each unit; creating projects that leave a lasting impression.


Keystone Compac® - Tri-plane

The Keystone Compac's traditional sculptured tri-plane face adds visual appeal to any project through its use of depth and shadow.


Keystone Standard®

The product that started the retaining wall industry is still the industry leader for tall walls and critical structures. The Keystone Standard unit’s depth provides unrivaled structural stability. From backyard landscaping to large, load-bearing reinforced structures, the Keystone Standard unit’s  face styles, colors and design possibilities make it a favorite of architects and engineers worldwide.


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