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Retaining wall


The Keystone difference is its outer beauty and inner strength. Keystone's patented, interlocking, and fiberglass pin system ensures a positive connection between the structural wall unit and the soil reinforcement.


The combination of Keystone units, positive pins connections, and soil reinforcing geogrids delivers rock-solid stability and performance.


If you're building walls that need to hold large amounts of soil mass, you simply can't hope the geogrid is where it's supposed to be. You need to know for certain it's locked in place.


Keystone's fiberglass pin connection system gives you that critical assurance. Contact us or call 425-486-2192 today to receive a FREE estimate.


Keystone's retaining walls are structurally sound, aesthetically pleasing, easy-to-install, and highly economical. You'll find them to be a superior replacement for boulder, timber tie, and cast-in place retaining walls. Trendset Concrete Products Inc can set you up with all of Keystone's amazing products.

Highly durable and stable retaining walls

As a gravity wall system, the original Keystone standard unit provides the weight and stability to resist applied earth pressures for walls up to six feet high.


And it doesn't stop there! Keystone offers a wide variety of products with different sizes, shapes, face textures, and colors for superior gravity and reinforced walls that rise in height from one unit to over 50 feet.

Your preferred choice for retaining walls

Once you've taken a look at Keystone's retaining wall systems, you'll see for yourself what makes it stand out. You're sure to be impressed by its graceful curves, classic lines, and a wide variety of shadows, textures, and

geometric patterns.


With so many available options, it's easy to see why Keystone is the preferred choice among architects, engineers, developers, and contractors.

All-inclusive retaining wall systems

• Keystone standard or compact units

• Keystone caps and corners

• Classic straight keystone

• Country manor

• Keystone wall colors

• Geogrid


Retaining wall