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CleanLine is engineered to allow for effortless installation and creates a beautiful, clean edge in any landscape.


It is designed with a unique, patented stakeless connection system that snaps down to permanently interlock adjacent edging sections - eliminating horizontal separation or possible weak points.


It has heavy-duty 12” interlocking aluminum stakes that securely anchor it into the ground, providing long-term retention and ensuring that your designs will stand the test of time.


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Bolster the strength of the concrete or clay pavers that you’re laying on your property with the aid of edge restraints from the professionals at Trendset Concrete Products Inc. You can rest assured that any of the pavers you install will withstand the test of time when you increase the strength of your whole system with our patented edge restraints.

Improve your wall's strength with Snap Edge

Learn more about our strong, easy-to-install Snap Edge™ and how it can help improve the strength and integrity of the walls that you’re building. Let our variety of edge restraint options help the wall in your yard stand resolutely against the elements and the passage of time.

Benefit from the edge restraint process

A single edge restraint unit can be used to form either straight or radius wall installations. The convenient tongue and groove connections in addition to the “Snip and Flex” feature will help speed up your installation and make it

a breeze.


A unique design allows for the tightest radius constructions in the industry.

Full depth backfills give the turf you’re working with a solid place to anchor in order to increase the strength of the system as well.


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