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You can rest easy knowing that CornerStone's retaining walls always perform to your exact specifications.


CornerStone's lug designs, wedged shapes, and two-inch lateral allowances in the interlock make it possible to design 90° and 45º inside and

outside corners.


Concave and convex curves will flow with precision. These walls can be split and rejoined for planting beds or stairs with secure railings, and can be effectively integrated into any landscape design.


CornerStone's systems have been designed to accommodate every type of retaining wall job, from the DIY projects to the professional, engineered geosynthetic installations. At Trendset Concrete Products Inc, we can ensure that you receive all of CornerStone's best retaining wall products.

A fast retaining wall installation process

CornerStone uses a patented, one-step connection system to speed up your new retaining wall's installation process. One person can easily handle the lightweight, hollow-core units that are used.

Comprehensive retaining wall products and styles

• CornerStone 100 series

• CornerStone 200 series

• CornerStone caps and corners

• CornerStone colors, which includes gray and khaki

• Geogrid

Long lasting CornerStone walls

Once geosynthetic reinforcement is added, a CornerStone wall becomes a dependable, attractive retaining wall system that promotes the natural qualities of your property. Contact us today to receive your FREE estimate.


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