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Trendset Concrete Products Inc distributes concrete products and systems to make your new or old structures functional and precisely engineered.


Our AWS pedestal and joist plate systems can both cut down on your roofing or deck maintenance and prolong the life expectancy of the more expensive structures on your property.


Make sure to consult an engineer to ensure you buy the right products and systems to maintain your specific structures.


With our large inventory and stock, you are sure to find what you need! Contact our specialists for a FREE quote on your pavers, slabs, and leveling systems.


The AWS™ Pedestal System turns sloped areas into level surfaces with the interlocking pedestal support. The system can be used to level pavers and some other natural products like decks or roofing structures. It allows for utilities to safely drain and run under the paver or natural stone so there you can prolong the longevity of your structure and save on repairs and maintenance.

Functional with your structural membrane

Units of the AWS™ Pedestal System with a smooth, flanged, bottom cap can be applied directly over a roofing membrane using the bottom cap with or without a bottom shim (1/16" or 1/8").  All pieces of the AWS™ Pedestal System are ABS and benignly designed to be membrane friendly.

Tested for durability and strength

The AWS™ Pedestal System has been compression tested to withstand loads of 11,000 lbs. PSI from heights of 2" up to 20", when used with standard SDR35, 4" PVC pipe (conforming to ASTM 3034, 4.215" OD) as the

central component.

Joist plate interlocking system

This sister interlocking system has top and bottom shims from the AWS system for leveling and spacing slabs (usually 16x16 or 18x18) or wood joists. When the Joist plate system is applied to your new or old deck, it outs an end to the tedious maintenance required of a wood slate deck.


Sizes 4x6 should be used in new construction, or combining 2x4's with 2x4's should provide a working underlayment. If you have a suspended deck, engineering might be necessary to support the weight of concrete pavers or other gauged natural products. If you have concerns, you may want to consult a specialist regarding load and structural requirements.


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