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When you come to Trendset Concrete Products Inc, you’re getting the advantage of years of experience and a wide variety of different types of adhesive products.


Don’t try to tackle that masonry project on your own - get assistance and advice from the professionals. Pay us a visit today and we’re sure to steer you in the right direction in terms of the adhesives that you’re looking for.


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Choose the professionals from Trendset Concrete Products Inc for all of your pavestone adhesive needs. With a history of great service in the area since 1989, you know you can trust us to lend you a hand in choosing your adhesive type. Reach out to us today or come in for a FREE quote on the adhesive

you need.

Try out our Superwet-Type 3 adhesive

Superwet-Type 3 can be applied to wet or saturated materials, making it perfect for application in those late-season projects. Choose this amazing product for set veneering and freeze-thaw areas or areas subjected to heavy loads like step treads and pool coping.

Learn how Superwet-Type 3 works

Within seconds of application, this adhesive will foam during curing and fill up to ¼ inch of space. Please allow 24 hours to set before you allow traffic to pass through the area. After 24 hours, the adhesive will be at 75% strength and at 95% strength in 48 hours.


Ensure the substrate is free of dust and dirt before applying. If the area is dry, spray with water to help the adhesive cure properly. The application range is within 35 to 110 degrees. Ensure you clean the area with mineral spirits before you dry.

Use SRW adhesive on your blocks

When you choose SRW Retaining Wall and Paver Adhesive, you’re getting the strongest adhesive of its kind. Take advantage of an adhesive designed especially for masonry, concrete, brick, block, pavers, and common landscaping that can be used to bond wet, frozen, or damp surfaces.


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