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Sandstone slabs


Abbotsford architectural slabs are comparable to natural stone and are factory-made to precision with our unique method. We make our slabs stand up to anything!


All edges and squares are made to fit exactly together for a beautiful paver surface on your patio, rooftop, plaza, and any other walking surface.


Trendset Concrete Products Inc gives you a beautiful surface engineered to look perfect and act as tough as natural stone. Let us help you choose the right type of architectural slab for your next construction project.


HydraPressed slabs are ready for immediate use, so contact us for a FREE quote.


All our architectural paving slabs are dense, durable, and non-slip surface. Because we make them in high volume, they are more affordable for you. Each slab is made to precision with our advanced method involving hydraulic pressure for density and strength to be used for concrete pavers, walkways, and

much more.

Elite slab materials

• Texada

• Saturna

• Sandstone

• Aristokrat Series

• Cortez Series

• New York Stone Series

List of slab sizes

18x18 size

Length: 18”

Width: 18”

Height: 1 5/8”

Area: 2.25 square ft. per stone  

Premium stone cut to size

Length: 12"

Length: 12"

Length: 9"

Length: 9"


24x24 size

Length: 24”

Wide: 24"

Height: 2"

Area: 4 square ft. per stone

Width: 24"

Width: 12"

Width: 18"

Width: 9"

Height: 2"

Height: 2"

Height: 1 5/8”

Height: 1 5/8"

Area: 2 square ft. per stone

Area: 1 square ft. per stone

Area: 1.13 square ft. per stone

Area: .56 square ft. per stone

Slone 100