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Abbotsford's environmentally friendly pavers are ideal for your driveways, walkways, and patios. They're not only attractive but also virtually indestructible and low maintenance

in nature.  


The many styles, colors, and patterns make for unlimited design possibilities that will enhance any property you own.


The individual nature of the stones and blocks allow you to alter or add to your design at any time without any major disruption, giving you unparalleled freedom.


Abbotsford Concrete Products has been an innovative industry leader in the manufacturing of Segmental Systems for more than a decade. They have state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities to ensure that you receive the best products, all of which are guaranteed meet or exceed strict ASTM or CSA standards.

An exclusive layering process

Abbotsford's exclusive two-layer PermaFinish process will ensure that your next residential or commercial application will maintain its texture, add a more intense color, and provide superior abrasion resistant wearing surface than traditional processes.

Your favorite paving styles are available

• Old Country Stone

• Classic Standard Series

• Villa Stone

• Flagstone

• Pacific Slate

• Venetian Cobblestone

• Estate Stone

• Piazza Series

• AquaPave

• Universal

• Legend      

Get a prompt answer for all your questions

You should be aware that some variations in color and shape are expected when it comes to colored concrete products. We recommend you check with your supplier for actual samples so you know what you're getting. For more information and for prompt service, call Trendset Concrete Products Inc

at 425-486-2192.